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There's nothing like a good friend to do your spanking for you Mia paced nervously across her living room, narrowly avoiding the corner of her coffee table with each turn back and forth. She was excited and nervous. She stopped and looked at the clock on the mantle of the fireplace. Three-twenty. “What am I doing?”. Spank Me Daddy - Incest/Taboo - Harmony. Age: 29. TOURING provider!!! Evidentially, he knew that I wasn't sorry, just as he knew I'd do it again if I could. We bantered back and forth in our brief conversations each morning, obvious chemistry fueling our jokes and stories. He had . "But I notice that you didn't object when I brought up sex, so that makes me guess that your unfulfilled desire is sexual, perhaps something you think is a little kinky?" "I want you to spank my ass.". Riley. Age: 30. Hey I'm Taylor I love to be spanked and banged Authors' Note: This is a rough spanking story involving anal sex. Enjoy! Hannah shivered as she walked down the hallway to the Headmaster's office. She was a horny little slut and she often got in trouble ever since the very first day that she'd arrived at the all girl's school at the tender age of Just as his spanking my ass enflamed my ass, his spanking aroused my sexual desire for him. His spanking my ass made me want to do dirty things to his body while he did dirty things to my body. Fortunately, the spanking happened after school and, with no one else around, we were alone. No one saw him spank me.

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Carrie. Age: 19. I like give and receive pleasure "How many times have I told you, Dani, curfew is at midnight!" Terry yelled as he caught his daughter stealthily creeping through the back door at 3 am again. "Jesus dad, I'm 18, I think I'm old enough to decide how late I can stay out!" "Listen to that attitude. What's been getting into you lately? First dressing in all those. Spanking his daughter goes a little too far. As I thought about sex and older men, my finger slipped under my bra and rubbed my hard nipples, the horniness fading as I slipped into sleep. At 9, I woke up He skillfully pushed me into the position, and all my resisting, and struggling had no effect against his muscular chest. But we are not here to make love. You are here for your punishment,' he said, caressing my thighs. He slowly bent me over the desk and spread my legs wide apart. He took out the paddle and spanked my white ass. The pain was so excruciating that I screamed, but in a weird way it felt nice. 'Punish me please spank me.


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