Is a squirter actually peeing

Jan 9, - Squirting, on the other hand, results in a much larger gush of a clear fluid, which comes from the urethra, the duct where urine is conveyed from the bladder. The findings, which combine biochemical analyses with pelvic ultrasounds, were published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine on Christmas Eve. Proof that female ejaculation is just pee. - Seriously, Science? Selina. Age: 19. Bonjour messieurs, encore une fois, je suis avec vous, en un mot, je suis dans le 75012, gare de Lyon, stations de metro, Reuilly-Diderot, la ligne 1 et 8 Everything in your body has changed and it is important to rehab theses areas. Jan 15, - A new French study, published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine, suggests that, yes, some urine is probably involved. For the study, the researchers analyzed seven women who reported “massive fluid emission during sexual stimulation”—i.e., those who tended to really “squirt” during orgasm. The idea. Ryan. Age: 25. Want to relax and a bit of madness in a discreet and intimate atmosphere? Are you looking for variety and the moment of forgetfulness? We are the answer to all your needs The science behind female ejaculation Jan 19, - It is perhaps the greatest mystery of our time. At this point, it's practically mythology (previously compared to urban legends of Loch Ness proportions). Squirting is a myth, they say. Or no — squirting is real, and here's how you can achieve it. Careful though, because it's actually just pee. Actually it's #NotPee. Feb 4, - A few weeks ago a website released an article titled “Scientists Say 'Squirters' Are Actually Just Peeing Everywhere.” Squirters and their partners were heard from all corners of the world yelling, “It's not pee!” Any squirter will tell you the fluid does not smell, taste, or look like pee. Yet that short, clickbait-style.

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Heather. Age: 30. Rather than fill this space with lot's of sweet details about myself I would rather much show you in person Jan 9, - “This study shows the other two kinds of fluids that can be expelled from the female urethra – urine alone, and urine diluted with substances from the female prostate,” she says. “This study presents convincing evidence that squirting in women is chemically similar to urine, and also contains small amounts. Jan 12, - It turns out that not only is it chemically identical to urine, but the bladder empties during the period of ejaculation coinciding with orgasm. So there you have it: it's probably just pee after all! Nature and Origin of “Squirting” in Female Sexuality. “INTRODUCTION: During sexual stimulation, some women report. Feb 15, - In the pee, they did find some substance that was also female ejaculate, so like women do ejaculate something that's not pee as well. They just don't gush huge amounts of it. When women squirt huge amounts, it's seems like it's mostly pee with some ejaculate. Some women ejaculate less, and maybe.


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