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hehehe i can do more than touch it with my tongue XP I can practically get the whole thing in my mouth! Flexibility for the win. In response to PCD its a matter of both. Being flexible enough and being big enough to not hurt yourself in the process sucking. I can Lick my own dick, can you? Alyssa. Age: 27. Email me for your own private date ! I wish I could get more! You can lick, suck, kiss or even hum on the genitals. The penis can be put part way in the mouth and slid in and out. For some, oral sex can be more pleasurable than penetrative, vaginal sex. Watch for your partner's reaction and talk about it. If you notice they get more excited or seem like they are experiencing more. Cece. Age: 18. I would like to get to know you too! AfraidToAsk Forums Mar 21, - Aug 24, - With as much, or as little, of his penis in your mouth as you like – squeeze your lips around his shaft and swirl your tongue firmly around his head. Use patterns, flicking motions, or just swirl your tongue in circles. With practice you can combine this with a slow (agonizingly good!) up and down motion with.

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Carmel. Age: 24. After a hard day in the office i like to cum out to play, beautiful brunette with fantastic assests for your pleasure. Full gfe given, educated, independant and enjoys the finer things in life. Jan 1, - It is absolutely safe to suck a pussy and penis. It is a part of foreplay. It arouses more and helps to have orgasm. Most of the guys do love that. A few years ago a research said the best sex position a man and woman enjoys is Thats oral sex How to suck a penis. Twist out your back and stretch your back by bending over and touching your toes. Once your nice a loosened up you can get closer to your dick in the position that was described. I used to just be able to lick the tip, but now adays I can get the whole head it. It's a little uncomfortable on the neck, but it's worth. People stop trying cause its uncomfortable, but the same would be true if you forced yourself down or tried to hang 30 lbs from your dick the first time. If you take a few minutes out of your day to stretch your muscles you can get more and more comfortable in more and more stretched positions. If you are.


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