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Jun 23, - For the "recalcitrant" challange on jackoneill So there were angry people about the Gadmeer and a lot of yelling, and other things of that sort, and Daniel knew it was because they had been worried about him. And Sam and Teal'c dragged him in front of Jack, and Daniel explained his reasoning, and. Incarcerated part Six Liandra. Age: 22. I'm young Do you have Colonel O'Neill's phone number and I'll tell him that his charge is safe and not going anywhere till he comes and get him. Jul 2, - Jack heaved a long breath as he put his arm around the younger man. He had wondered when this conversation would come up. "Daniel, think about everything that led up to me spanking you. Nothing else contained you – and you gotta admit that I tried. What I meant about Hammond is that with the way. Becca. Age: 29. Veus tu me connaitre? Bienvenue dans mon monde avec les nuit les plus torrides que vous n'avez pu jamais passe Oct 12, - Daniel was able to leave Jack's house un-noticed. He was now finally at the police precinct. He was determent to press charges against Jack and Teal'c for spanking him and treat him like a child. Daniel was told to talk to detective Strickland, he gulped when he saw the detective, he was almost as high as. Contains spanking. Jack knows when Daniel needs a moment of peace and how to give it. Jack/Daniel R Forgiveness Jan 19 After the events of Lockdown , Daniel's feeling cross. Jack/Daniel R Breaking Point Jan 18 Set in the aftermath of 'Evolution'. Daniel's lasted this long without breaking but enough's.

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Leanne. Age: 21. We represent fire, passion, real GFE atmosphere, full service in the highest level atmosphere:) Mar 23, - “Very funny, Colonel O'Neill,” Daniel wryly responded as he rolled his eyes. Extending his right arm out as he spoke, Jack asked, “What did you want me to do, Daniel -- turn you over my knee and *spank* you?” Daniel froze in his tracks, then slowly turned around, gaping like a guppy at the older man. General Hammond suspends Daniel for a week without pay and puts SG-1 on stand down for that week. Jack then gives Daniel a spanking to teach him the lessons of unpaid traffic tickets, but decides that the number of swats are a bit harsh and decides not to continue the spankings as long as Daniel followed orders. Summary: Daniel starts cracking wise, and Jack takes him in hand. Warnings: No real spoilers, just a lined borrowed from an episode. Some spanking involved, in case that turns you off. That Boy Sure Can Grovel When He Has To By R.A. Swain. Daniel Jackson was sitting in his office/lab, wondering how much farther he'd.


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