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Aug 23, - I am just now recovering from one of the worst cases of poison sumac/ivy/oak I've ever had. It was all over Its a thing for people with skin itchy seems. . They dont entice a physical reaction like a muscle spasm (as an orgasm) but they are psychological orgasmic and extremely tranquilizing. Does anyone else get "aroused" when you scratch an itch? | Lipstick Alley Katia. Age: 27. [ P411 VERIFIED ENTERTAINER] Cleaning out the ear canal with a cotton bud can feel pretty good All things being equal maybe is the operative phrase here if I had the chicken pox, obviously I'd rather itch, though who knows. .. The hot water on the poison ivy rash gave me such intense relief that it was much better than an orgasm, and longer lasting (typically, until the hot water ran out). A side effect. Kattie. Age: 20. Make your holiday better, explore and be enchanted by SA's most beautiful heritage sites, romantic hotels, magical game farms, clubs, on fleek rich culture and do all this with a beautiful, fun woman as your guide The Brain and Itch: Why It Feels So Good to Scratch try getting poison ivy last time i had it it was on my legs and by the time it went away i had no hair from my knee to ankle other than scratching tugging on the hair felt so good what the tugging had to get more intense as the rash was getting worse so i ended up pulling out all the hair on my. Jun 25, - There are many causes of itchy skin, some resulting from unfortunate forays into poison ivy patches, assaults from pesky mosquitoes, or a chronic skin disease such dopamine stimulates this brain center to feel pleasure in “peak experiences,” such as from solving a difficult problem or having an orgasm.

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Joyce. Age: 29. I am gentle,passionate and sophisticated girl [Archive] Poison Ivy and the Twenty Minute Orgasm Jet Blast. Why is it that when you get covered in Poison Ivy and then take a shower, it feels sooooo gooood to turn the water up as hot as you can stand. If it wasn't for all the itching and supperating sores that came with it, it'd almost be worth it:ok. If you're wondering why I scald my skin in the shower is because when I was a younger kid I got poison ivy and discovered that hot water felt great on my skin and feels like I'm scratching itchiness away without literally scratching it. After the poison ivy went away, I continued to do it and still around once a. After browsing the web a few minutes ago searching on the questions - what is an itch?, and - why does scratching at times relieve an itch but not at other times? .. But I just start turming down the cold water leaving almost just hot water cascading onto the arm. there is a Orgasmic feeling that rushes through the spot being.


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