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Mar 14, - It has been about 2 years since I shared my story here on BME about what I referred to as my first serious mod. At that I time I told about having a urethral relocation done, permanently changing my male plumbing so that ever since then I ho longer pee through my cock, but in a swirling stream from a hole. Urethral Reroutes Stories - BME: Body Modification Ezine Evilyn. Age: 23. Hi, I'm Karina During urination, the bladder empties through the urethra, located at the bottom of the bladder. Many institutions most faith-based, but not always do not allow any surgery for sexual reassignment in adults, so those waters will have to be navigated. Jan 27, - The major difference after that is in how the reroute is done. Many, including those who are DIY types, pierce through the urethra, creating a small hole to pee through. Others of us who have avoided the DIY mode, preferring instead to have some who knows their anatomy and what they are doing, cut and. Pepper. Age: 24. Big clit like a thumb How to re-route a pee hole May 24, - Then pee as fast as possible to save time; pee as far as possible so that your trousers will not be wetted; you have to pee as strong as possible and as far as possible, if not, I think that your urinary and reproduction system may have some problem. But if you make a hole at the base of the penis, then, you. There are body-modification communities out there that showcase this type of procedure (urethral reroute/relocation), but I don't know where to start when it comes to The procedure you're curious about—creating a new pee hole on your taint, behind your balls, which would leave you with no choice but to sit when you.

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Nelly. Age: 25. If you are a gentleman who needs change and variety, if you appreciate beautiful things in life, then you will love to spend some time with a girl like me. Sep 5, - If they allowed "custom placement" of basic things like where a pee hole goes one day, the next day we'll be hearing about someone who had a foot attached to their foreheads or something odd like that in the name of "art" or what ever. I'd consider it lucky enough that there's doc's out there that are willing. Sep 4, - The urethral reroute only involves cutting a small hole in your perineum (taint) which becomes your new pee hole. The penis isn't otherwise effected by the operation. Something like this is done during the course of the SRS operation itself, my question is if doing it beforehand would cause problems when. Feb 15, - A Urethral Reroute is basically what it sounds like – re-routing the path of urine through a new hole in the urethra. This seems to be a practice for male genitalia because of the path of the urethra through the body and the proximity of it to the skin between the scrotum and the anus, making for an easy access.


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