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I was reading another forum and just beginning to wornder if women can actually feel it when men ejaculate inside there vagina? I can feel my SO penis twitch inside me as he ejaculates but have never actually felt his semen coming out. Maybe if The penis has to be good size and deep before I feel it. She Remembers How Her Being a Cuckold Wife Began - Sammy Sweet - Google Книги Bridgette. Age: 20. I'm just the girl you're looking for With others, the closer they get, the wetter they get. But some lubes are better than others, depending on your style. Aug 17, - Doggy style, I would hit that deep g spot and she'd have rolling orgasms and I would have to hold her upright by her little buns, because her thighs . “If my penis is in her when she cums I feel her vagina pulsing and tightening around my penis. I love that feeling.” Sometimes ill cum at the same time. Anikka. Age: 25. Naturally Busty 21 Men Share Exactly How It Feels When A Woman Cums And He’s Still Inside Her The only requirement is that the man must ejaculate inside the woman's vagina at least once during her fertile window (the few days immediately preceding uterus after orgasm (you might be able to feel these contractions if you pay attention) help “suck up” the semen from the vagina and move the sperm cells through the. spreading me wide, stretching my pussy out and filling it entirely with cock. I could feel my husband's cock pressed between us pulse and throb as Gary fucked me. I convulsed and jerked and felt liquid pour out of my insides just as Gary pushed deep and held tight, his balls draining hot cum deep inside my cunt.

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Aya. Age: 22. je vous propose mes service vip:: je vous ferais passer un moment de plaisir intense dune sensualite tendre:: je suis raffine Mar 11, - "When I cum it feels like being on the best drugs ever on a roller coaster in my most comfy pajamas." --Aiden Starr, adult film star The feeling starts deep inside my pussy; I feel this deep, hard, long throbbing all through my pussy until my clit and lips throb and throb and throb. Then I get real hungry and. Jul 10, - A sperm's journey from vagina to egg is only 15 centimeters long, but it's a race with picnic-sound.infog: deep. Jul 26, - It's possible to experience a full-body orgasm from stimulating your cervix with deep penetration. But if you've never tried If you're talking about sex, then penetration is just a fancy way of saying a penis or dildo is being inserted into a vagina or rectum. This is where sperm can pass through to the uterus.


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