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Your index finger and middle finger walk up the side of my arm. Sending chills throughout my body like a spark alarm. You stand behind me and watch my back as I stand still in silence. Looking over my shoulder to see you, standing there naked and smiling. I giggle because your confidence shines brighter than the twinkle. Losing My (Poetry) Virginity « THE FLYING SCRIBBLER Nataly. Age: 25. Please dont forget to send me your email address when contacting me I know how she is feeling! I hate myself for losing you / It's all my fault; that I lost you / I chose to disobey / T. Published at the web's largest poetry site. Candy. Age: 18. Taking you to wonderland of explicit hot wet fantasy of lust an relaxation Losing Your Virginity A story of how my friend lost her virginity when she was I love you, Andrea. Thank's for opening up to me about this. Feb 3, - Our inspiration: this poem by Terence Winch from his new book "This Way Out" (Hanging Loose Press, ). Keep those anecdotes coming. How I Lost My Virginity I cannot tell you how I lost my virginity. It's a secret that to some extent depends upon the meaning of virginity. When I go out at night, as I did.

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Zoey. Age: 29. From somewhere in Asia Your poem touched me soo much. about having sex and everything! becoz i lost my virginity to this guy and now i regret what i've done! i did everything for him n i It really does express the pain a teen feels when they lose their virginity and a guy leaves them, which happens alot now adays! i dont think i could have been. Virginity Poems. Examples of virginity poetry. View a list of, share, and read all types of VIRGINITY poems with subcategories. Famous poems for virginity too. Jun 15, - the day i lost my virginity. today was a day to mark on my calendar. today was the day that i free floated towards an ocean and didn't tug at the railings instead i burst at the seams in fear and lust and rage. today i took my life in my own hands and threw it against the window, blood oozing down the wood.


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