Mom found out i masturbate

Jul 15, - ah.. the classic.. Yes I have been caught by my mom with my pants down and a erection ahh.. my heart was beating faster then ever.. then.. i made a quick lie.. "Umm.. I'm getting changed". Believe it or not she believed me, but i didn't go to where i said i was going.. then i was like SH** she's on to me. Please help I think my mom found out I masturbate? | Yahoo Answers Stacie. Age: 29. I'm a natural delight with a silky smooth complexion that enhances my exotic looks I came out of my room and well my underwear was wet because of masturbating, I thought it was no big deal and I'd just go in say goodnight and leave, mom wouldn't notice. Well like I said I'd probably not mention them since now I know it's not normal. Oct 26, - lol no. In fact, it will decrease your chances of ever getting prostate cancer:). Aiden. Age: 30. Yes, it can become reality and not just a mirrored dream, unleash your desire… come, explore a world of fantasy and reality, a world where I can take you What do I do my parents have found out that I masturbate? Nov 10, - You should talk to her about it. Tell her what happened as to why she got the text and tell her that you have had sex and would like to talk to her. thats all. Aug 16, - So I suggest you talk to your parents. But in the end even if they say to not masturbate just ignore them and do it in the middle of the night with your panties completely off or even better if you're home alone. Don't listen to most of what your mom says cause let's face it, its your body so do what you want it's.

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Magdalene. Age: 28. Geneva, Montreux, Evian, Neuchatel, Lausanne, Bern, Belmont Oct 26, - Ask your dad when he stopped masturbating. There is no difference between masturbation and having sex, so there is no harm in doing it. It can not possibly cause impotency or harm your future children or make you go blind. Be more discreet in the future. Jan 3, - So I'm 14 and this is the scariest situation that I had been through so far in my life. When I was taking a shower and previously masturbate before, I forgot to clean up the mess and there are few stains on the bed. I think this was totally unexpected because it was like midnight and my mom was coming to my. Um, I'm pretty sure my parents just found out I'd started masturbating and asked me if I wanted to do it with them or something like that. I've pretty much been masturbating with them for as long as I've been masturbating so I don't really remember, it's just a normal thing to me that I thought everyone did.


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